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Abacus Stocktaking Organisation Ltd although based in the East Midlands is one of the UK’s leading stocktaking and valuation companies providing a wide range of stocktaking and stock auditing services to all kinds of businesses both in the UK and mainland Europe. Several of our clients are indeed well known and respected High Street names. As a company, specialising in this particular field, we ensure that we keep totally up to date with current techniques and developments. This enables us to offer the most competitive packages available and being independent also allows us to provide our clients with totally impartial advice about their company’s stock related performance thereby giving them the opportunity to make informed decisions based on their own particular needs and circumstances.


Our professional approach coupled with flexible methods and hours of work provides our clients with a fast efficient service that is designed to give the maximum information in as short a time span as possible. Operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week enables us to not only provide reports which are produced within 72 hours of stocktake and record all the information necessary to monitor stock and sales processes but also to minimise the amount of interruption to normal business operations.

All reports can be tailored to suit individual client requirements to include trading and VAT reports costed stock and purchase values stock movements and trading percentages for every single stock item.

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